Experto Consulting has developed a comprehensive and rigorous methodology to help you identify and screen your new partner (distributor, franchisee, etc.) in our region.

Our approach is exhaustive, tailored made, based on your criteria and allow you to find a Partner that is the best available option at the time being.

This service includes the organization of your business meetings, a full support during your visit and the redaction of a detailed report.

Our Company has consolidated a strong experience in the region with more than 140 client engagements of that type since 2011 in various sectors.


Some references for Partner Search & Selection: 5aSec, Akay, Aromatech, ATA Electronics, Bardinet, Belourthe, Best Western, Bioderma, Biogaran, Biologique Recherche, Bloomingville, Bucher Vaslin, Charriau, Coopex, DBApparel, Desjoyaux, EAS International, Fertiplus, Filclair, Groupe Batteur, GEM Universal, HPK, Idena, J. Charpentier, Kampan, Kirpy, Korloff Paris, Laboratoires Motima, , Lisca, M. Chapoutier, Maison Arthus-Bertrand, Midas, Mr Bricolage, Mutirex Auto, Naturalim, Olvi, Regilait, Renson International, Resa Lift, Starexport, Steriflow, Spengler, Teknos, Valeo, Vedrenne.