Experto Consulting has developed the capacity to perform any kind of price surveys and store check studies.

Experto Consulting scope of audits includes examination of factors like packaging, assortment, stock level on shelf, average age of product on shelf, FIFO/LIFO control, promotion activation, price and competitor price survey, etc.

Experto Consulting has the ability to manage different types of market research, with qualitative and quantitative approaches, for B to C as well as B to B markets in the Caucasus region.

Some references for Trade missions: Akademeter, Bricorama Georgia, Coca-Cola Georgiam Lactalis Georgia, MAF-Carrefour Georgia, Pepela toy store chain.

Some references for Market Study: Amring Pharmaceuticals, Essilor International, Fédération Française du Prêt-à-porter Féminin, Lesaffre, , Lukoil.